gakushu-shorei DORMITORY

Kyoritsu International Foundation offers dormitories to international students at reasonable prices, allowing students to stay in Japan comfortably while focusing on their studies. The foundation offers close to a thousands rooms for international students in major cities throughout Japan such as Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto and Fukuoka.

why should you consider?


Each dormitory is managed by dorm-masters (husband & wife teams) who are also staying in the same dormitories.

daily meals provided

Breakfast & dinner provided daily, included in the monthly rental!

Except on Sundays, public holidays & rest days determined by the foundation.

Furnished rooms with Wifi equipped

Rooms are well-furnished and equipped with WiFi, ready to move in and start a new life in Japan!

Cultural Exchange

Majority of the students staying at the dormitories are Japanese, allowing international students  opportunities to mingle with local students and converse in Japanese all the time!


We dare not say that we are the cheapest in town, but we are confident that our pricing is very, very attractive.

who can apply?


For Malaysians applying to study or currently studying in Japanese language schools, technical schools, colleges & universities.

Working Holiday & Internships

For Malaysians applying for working holiday and internships in Japan.
※ working full-time ≠ working holiday

application flow

Upon receiving your application, we will provide you with a few dormitories close to your school or workplace.

Once you have decided on the dormitory of your choice, your application will be accepted for processing by the foundation.

※ Applications accepted during this stage does not mean that you are accepted into the dormitory of your choice for sure.

Around 1-2 months before the start of your intake, the foundation will inform us if the application to the dormitory of your choice is successful.

※ In unsuccessful cases, the foundation will usually suggest another dormitory. Again, this is subjected to availability.

Let us know if you want to proceed with reserving the dormitory of your choice and confirm again the date you wish to check-in your dormitory.

※ Failing to inform us at this stage would result in the cancellation of your application right away.

Upon receiving your confirmation, the foundation will proceed with issuing the payment invoice to secure your application.

※ Kindly inform us if you would like to withdraw from the application at this stage; you will be black-listed for future applications should you fail to do so.

Once payment is made, kindly send us your transfer slip that allows us to inform the foundation of your payment.

※ Failing to make payment before the due date would result in the cancellation of your application; you will be black-listed for future applications should you fail to inform us on the withdrawal of your application.

Once payment is confirmed, you will receive the information required to get into your dormitory.

Frequently asked questions

April Intake – Between September & November (the year before)

July Intake – Between January & March

October Intake – Between April & May

January Intake – Between July & August

This program is very popular; there is a waiting list (it’s not only for Malaysia) and the dormitory of your choice is subjected to availability.

The exchange rate changes every day and we are instructed to provide you with the pricing in JPY.

Simplest way to calculate?

If the exchange rate is JPY100 = MYR 3.80

  • JPY amount x 0.038
  • Example, JPY1,000 = 1000 x 0.038 = MYR 38

Super easy, right?!

The foundation has got hundreds of dormitories throughout Japan, only a handful however, are applicable under the Gakushu-Shorei Dormitory Program.

The dormitories available for Tokyo can be found HERE (in Japanese only).

The list for other areas are not available at the moment, thus the available choices can only be given to upon receiving your application.

A to Z Language Centre is appointed as the official agent handling matters in Malaysia on behalf of the foundation. 

If you choose to apply through other means, you are responsible entirely for your application and we may not be able to provide any assistance should problem arises.

We are also unable to undo the damages or help you re-apply for anything should matters turn out differently from your expectation.

No, we do not charge agent fees & handling charges for the application.

We are called officially appointed agents for a reason, you know…

Sadly, halal meals are not available at the dormitories at the moment.

No, there is no such option available. Also, the monthly rental is fixed and will not be any cheaper even if you are not having the meals throughout your stay.

The prices you found are meant for general application.

Under the Gakushu-Shorei Dormitory Program, the monthly rental is fixed according to the areas/prefectures regardless of the dormitory chosen.

As mentioned at the introduction of this page, the foundation understands that one of the biggest worries international students have is the high cost for accommodations in Japan. Thus, the foundation made it a point to provide assistance through this program, meant only for international students.

If you are applying for the school through us as well, we will assist you in sorting out and applying for other available dormitories (usually tied to your school).

If we are not the agents handling your school application, you are required to seek assistance from your school instead.

Most of the time, it is due to late submission and there are no available dormitories near your school.

As such, we advise you to

  1. Apply within the application period, as soon as you confirm to which school you are applying to.
  2. Provide your top 3 dormitory choices instead of just 1 (for Tokyo applicants).
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