gakushu-shorei DORMITORY

Kyoritsu International Foundation provides international students with affordable dormitory accommodations, allowing students to live comfortably in Japan while concentrating on their studies.

These fully furnished rooms include utilities and come with breakfast & dinner provided daily (except on Sundays & public holidays).

You can find these accommodations in major cities throughout Japan, including Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, and Fukuoka.




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Application Period: February - March

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Application Period: November - December

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frequently asked questions

Long-term Contract (91 days – 2 years)
Those entering Japan through student visa.

Short-term Contract (30 – 90 days)
Those studying short-term courses in any schools in Japan.

There are over 350 dormitories located throughout Japan. 

To avoid confusion, only what’s available will be shared with the applicants during the application period. 

Breakfast and dinner are provided daily except on Sundays and public holidays.

※Note: Meals are not provided in share-houses

A to Z Language Centre is appointed as the official agent handling matters in Malaysia on behalf of the foundation. 

If you choose to apply directly with the foundation or through other means, you are responsible entirely for your application and we will not provide any assistance should there be anything. 

We are also unable to interfere or help you re-apply for anything should matters turn out differently from your expectation.

No, there are no agent fees & handling charges.

The food served in the dormitories are not halal

That being said, common kitchens are available in all dormitories.

Kindly choose sharehouses if you’d like to opt for “no-meals”. 

For dormitories with meals provided, the monthly rental is fixed and no discounts will be given even though you are not having the meals throughout your stay.

The prices you found online are meant for general application.

If you apply the Gakushu-Shorei Dormitory Program(学習奨励寮)through A to Z Language Centre, the monthly rental is fixed according to the areas/prefectures regardless of the dormitory chosen.