Application Form Long-term

Gakushu-shorei Ryo 学習奨励寮

Long-term Contract Application (91 days & above)

首都圏 Tokyo

※ Duration: minimum 91 days, maximum 2 years.
※ Contract renewal is possible after 2 years.
※ Moving-in date must not be on weekends & public holidays.
※ Moving-out date must not be later than the 24th of every month.
Guidance to the dormitory is only available to those with ENTRY LEVEL JAPANESE.
※ This pick-up service is only available on weekdays, before 2:00p.m.
※ This pick-up service will only be from KEISEI UENO STATION (not from the airport).
※ You are required to make your way to Keisei Ueno Station upon arrival.
Regarding Futon
1. A bed frame is provided in each room; bedding items are not included.
2. Futon set rental (futon mattress, futon-sheets, pillow case) is available.
3. Clean sheets will be provided 3 times a month for those using the rental service.
4. Rental period can not be shortened or cancelled once your application is submitted.
5. You are required to purchase your own futon set if you do not wish to rent from the dormitory.
6. Renting services can be requested later, but subject to availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

The list for dormitories in Tokyo can be found HERE.

The food served are not halal at the moment.

That being said, you are allowed to use the common kitchen to cook your meals.

Cooking in your room is strictly prohibited.
※ Rooms in the provided list do not have a kitchenette.

Cooking can be done in the common kitchen which is available in all dormitories.

No, changes are not allowed once the dormitory is selected for you.

You can choose to proceed with the selection given, or cancel your application altogether.

Futons can be purchased online and delivered to your dormitory.
Most online shopping platforms in Japan allow you to choose the specific date (and time) you would like your items to be delivered.
※ Please do not have your items delivered earlier than your move-in date as it may be rejected by the dorm managers.

You may purchase the futon by yourself, or seek assistance from A to Z Language Centre.

The reasons may differ, but most of the time it is due to late submission and no vacant rooms available at the time of application.