The Nihongo Taiken Contest in Kuala Lumpur

The Nihongo Taiken Contest in Kuala Lumpur


The main organizer, Kyoritsu International Foundation has made a decision in April 2022 to cancel conducting the interview for 「The Kyoritsu Maintenance Scholarship for Year 2023」and 「The 8th Nihongo Taiken Contest in Kuala Lumpur」in Malaysia due to the following reasons,

  • The Japanese government has advised its citizens to avoid unnecessary travels to overseas. 
  • Additional procedures and costs that would incurred to comply with rules set by the governments of Japan and Malaysia. 
  • The higher cost for plane tickets due to the pandemic. 
  • Movement restrictions that would make it harder for the organizers to travel to the next country. 
  • Winners of the contest may be bound by many rules and restrictions that are constantly changing, making it harder for organizers to plan and execute the trip for contestants from 6 different countries.

We anticipate the return of this contest in 2023. Stay tuned! 

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Nihongo Taiken Contest

The Nihongo Taiken Contest is an event organized by Kyoritsu International Foundation, and is held yearly in 6 different countries (Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia & Malaysia). 

In the preliminary round, participants will be asked to answer a list of multiple choice questions. Successful candidates will proceed to the final round, where they will be asked to choose a topic and give a 3-minute speech in Japanese on the spot. 

5 winners will then be chosen to participate in the 日本体験旅行 with all winners from other countries. 

Videos of Past Contests

held in August 2019

held in January 2020

The 5th Nihongo Taiken Contest in Kuala Lumpur held in 2019